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My laptop/internet is not cooperating. So we’re just going to let Padmé and Anakin sit in a corner for a few days and think about what they’ve done.

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Anakin literally can’t even compliment his wife without insulting her.

A: You’re beautiful.
P: Only because I’m so in love!
A: No. It’s because I’m so in love with you!

Padmé has trademark Leia hair in the scene where she tells Anakin she’s pregnant. I see what you did there.

AHHHH the last time I saw this movie was before I realized that Samuel L. Jackson was cool. There were reasons for this discrepancy.

"Wait a minute, how did this happen? We’re smarter than this!"

Obi-Wan, I feel like you just summed up this entire movie (trilogy).

I’m having flashbacks of Titanic—IN SPACE

Obi-Wan, I sense a disturbance in your ability to sense things in the Force.


Gwen is in Michigan.
We’re watching Star Wars Episode III.
I haven’t seen this movie in seven years.
It should be an entertaining adventure.
(I have cookies at the ready.)

Hi, Tumblr! Bye, Tumblr!

So…I’m sorry that I’ve been pretty much AWOL for awhile after I said I was back. I don’t have any excuses there.  Except that I’ve been busy (but not busier than I was last year…sort of).  It’s not really that I’ve lacked time, but more that I’ve just lacked the emotional energy.  (Tumblr uses up SO MANY FEELS, you guys).

Aaaaaand now…


(going to school)

(going to a church school)

…so I can basically guarantee that I will not be on Tumblr at all until (at least) February.


He walked alone
 He seemed alone like me.
Could he have known
that moment was my destiny?
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He walked alone

He seemed alone like me.

Could he have known

that moment was my destiny?


"No you fool!! You could fall!!"

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Disney Movies in Disney Movies [via]

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But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow

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